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Lawn Care

If you are looking for a personal touch when it comes to your lawn care and lawn service, look no further than Skrabut's Lawn Care. Having started the business in 2002 while still in high school, Tim began growing the business after college when he decided he wanted to work for himself and earn money for himself and his family rather than for a corporation. Today , his success is due to the personal care he gives to each of his clients . Instead of reaching a receptionist or some other person like you would with a corporation , you really get to speak to Tim himself when you reach out to get a quote or request a lawn care, lawn service or lawn fertilization. That is the bonus of working with a family-owned and operated company . Skrabut's goes beyond basic lawn care services. The company offers a variety of year-round services including landscaping , mulching, aerating , snow plowing , ice removal, salting walkways and driveways, and more. They can also provide one-time or seasonal jobs such as spring and fall cleanups, gutter cleaning , trash removal, as well as cleaning out flower beds. One area that Skrabut's is expanding is its fertilization service. They use a natural solution that puts a focus on healthy roots. This equals less time spent mowing and fewer clippings to deal with. In addition it controls grubs , leaving your lawn lush and healthy . The organic product only has the smallest amount of pesticides and can restore a lawn that has been overexposed to heavy pesticides for too long . The fertilization service will have your lawn looking green and lush in no time. Beyond their top notch lawn care, lawn service and lawn fertilization, Skrabut's Lawn Care is known for being honest, fair and dependable. Tim insists on doing the work personally with some assistance , but will not contract teams to do the work for him. He stands by the fact that he can provide the best possible service for his customers by ensuring the work is done right and he is able to give them the personal attention with professionalism. Don't hesitate to contact the owner regarding your lawn care needs . Located in Farmington Hills, MI, Skrabut's Lawn Care services both residential and commercial accounts in the surrounding cities in Wayne and Oakland Counties. Call today to book your lawn service or lawn fertilization and put your lawn care in the hands of trusted professionals.

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